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Lucia Zorzi on stage

about me

Brazilian singer-songwriter Lucia Zorzi incorporates in her music epiphanies about her life, also in her repertoire is an intimate interpretation of the classics of French music, jazz and Brazilian and world’s music.


In her childhood she had some contact with music, but always in a non-continuous and non-formal way, playing the piano and the guitar and discovering herself singing, in a self-taught way. At the age of 18, she starts writing songs. After obtaining her degree in Portuguese/Literature from the USP (Universidade de São Paulo) in 2009, she went to France and lived there until 2014 in the Paris area. During this period, she attended theater and art therapy courses while completing a Master's degree in Philosophy. At the same time, she also realized a solo project of voice/guitar in the artistic district of Montmartre and in the Marais.


She returned to Brazil at the end of 2014, bringing her compositions now in French and loaded with delicate questions and a glimpse of her life. In early 2015, her experiences in France led her to formalize a musical partnership for the creation of a French song duo: Les Jasmin-Basilic, which mainly played in the streets of São Paulo. In October 2015, she was invited to present her songs in the first edition of the O.bra festival, an international festival of street artists, which culminated in the publication of the first live collection of street musicians, StreetMusicMap Vol. 1. She has recently recorded with the great Brazilian accordionist Toninho Ferragutti, with Alessandro Penezzi and Alexandre Ribeiro. In 2017, she participated in the Busker Fest, in the famous Bourbon Street in São Paulo, and was presented as one of the highlights of the street music of São Paulo. In 2018, she participated in the Manouche Jazz Festival of Piracicaba, in São Paulo, in the famous Jazz Nos Fundos, with great Latin American musicians.


She is currently presented on the French music scene in São Paulo and is part of the documentary series about street musicians Buscando Buskers, produced by Felistoque Filmes, broadcast on Sony Brasil, and currently on the channel Music Box Brazil and TV5 Monde in Latin America. Her first EP Between Epiphanies and Nightmares and the Christmas single Douce Nuit, available on major streaming channels, were released in 2018.

Lucia Zorzi as busker
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